The joy of baking...

I woke up this morning after a week off work. Often one feels a little ennui returning after a break, so I wanted to do something lovely to put a pep in my step. Before work, in the wee hours ( we wake up pretty early here with the little one) I decided to bake a cake. The smells throughout the house were just glorious and it made the morning extra special, our 'elevenses' were scrumptious too! My first client arrived at 9am and remarked how wonderful the place smelled. I couldn't help but smile, a perfect start to the week, don't you think?

the joy of baking

My grandmother encouraged me to bake and though she never passed on the grá to my mother, I managed to catch the fever. If you don't bake then it's something I insist you remedy at once! It is one of the most satisfying things in the world to do and you cannot beat the smell and taste of a home baked treat. It's also incredibly relaxing ( just ask Mary Berry!). Now it definitely took me a while to get it right, and indeed I still often get it very wrong, but that's ok. Practice makes perfect and its so much fun to do, especially with little ones. 

When I bake I'll slice whatever is left over (if we haven't had guests to enjoy it with us), wrap it in parchment and freeze it. That way I always have something delicious and home made ready to defrost/reheat (either in the oven or in the toaster in a toaster bag) when I feel a pang for something sweet to satisfy me.

I know so many people avoid baking as they fear they'll eat the whole thing, but really if you freeze what you don't eat it won't be there to tempt you. Also if you allow the pleasures of home cooking and baking to become part of your diet there simply won't be the urgency to binge or over indulge as you relax in the knowledge that sweet things aren't prohibited. 

the joy of baking

If you do struggle with guilty feelings and food, then check out my post about eating guilt free. You'll find a really helpful exercise in there which will go a long way towards finding an equilibrium with indulgences and the joys of eating well, not just eating 'clean' or always eating 'healthy' food. 

For some delicious cake ideas check  out the recipes section of my blog here. There's a gluten free banana bread, a delicious every day courgette cake and a simple orange cake (pictured) that you can make with or without flour. 

Enjoy! x